Tips on how to look after your instrument

Hygiene is very important, and should be part of your cleaning routine.

Don't use a paper towel. Use a soft cloth/towel. Paper towels are made of wood, and wood scratches
How to clean and oil your instrument to keep it in working order.

Basic care and maintenance of a cornet or trumpet.
Suitable for beginning players.


Caring for a trombone requires several materials, such as a spray bottle with distilled water, a mouthpiece brush, a cleaning snake and trombone slide cream. Take care of your trombone properly.


Emergency band repairs
From the Band Instrument Repair Program at MN State College-SE Technical.
This may help band directors deal with stuck brass mouthpieces, dented mouthpieces, broken soft solder joints, broken or weak waterkey springs, missing waterkey corks,
and stuck Amado waterkeys.

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